Kimber Kable

Since 1979, Kimber Kable has been recognized as one of the top manufacturers of audiophile cables. Company founder, Ray Kimber, is best known for his development of counter-rotating conductor weaves to cancel conductor interactions and reduce noise. Theater Design Company has been using their product for many years.

Kimber Kable has become a classic with performance that continues to be unmatched by competing cables. Tonally balanced with clear, articulate highs, accurate midrange, tight extended bass, and three-dimensional sound staging are common descriptions echoed by surprised reviewers and satisfied customers.

Power cords are the foundation of overall system performance. Pure copper conductors are rated to exceed the typical 15amp outlet rating. Current delivery is only part of the equation. Great materials coupled with Wattgate Audio Grade evolution series connectors combine to deliver a more robust and more reliable power cord to serve all your sources.