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Home Theater Installation Services by Theater Design Company, whether you are building a new home, remodeling, updating your electronics, or just in need of some help from a specialist, Theater Design Company is your trusted technology specialist.

If you’re like most people these days, technology at home is a significant investment. By hiring a qualified home technology professional to properly design, install and maintain your home electronic system, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be in good hands now and in the future. We service the Greater Seattle Area and beyond.  We provide design and equipment sales nationwide.  Home Theater Installation Services by Theater Design Company is the best option for your residence.

Theater Design Company offers complete home theater installation services. We take care of everything including:

  • Home Theater Installation Services
  • Fiber Optic Star Ceilings – See our overview on youtube
  • LED Lighting, Cove, Accent, Risers
  • Whole House Audio Systems
  • High-Performance Audio
  • Stealth (Hidden) Speaker installs
  • Ceiling and Wall Speaker installs
  • System Design
  • Lighting Control
  • Consulting
  • Low voltage wiring
  • Acoustical treatments
  • Programming Services
  • Interior finishes
  • Training and Service
  • Home Theater wiring from 2 speakers to Dolby Atmos Systems
  • Network wiring including wireless setup
  • Access Control Systems
  • Projector installation and tuning
  • Motorized Shade Solutions
  • See us on youtube for informational videos on various products and installations.

Theater Design company specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects with low overhead and high attention to detail we are generally the best fit for discerning customers who want the ultimate in audio and video performance.   We also love to take on difficult and challenging projects and are able to offer unique solutions.  Our private showroom displays the newest technology and highlights many key products we provide.  Feel free to contact us for a private showing or take a look at our extensive youtube videos for further information.

Planning a Home Theater…Please read some of these key takeaways!

Room Set up
The Size of the room will depict your screen size for optimal viewing but there are other factors such as how much light can be controlled either by shades lighting dimmers or alternative treatments.

Floor, ceiling, and wall material play a large part in how the room could sound. Give this some thought.

Remote or in-room equipment locations. Hiding the equipment can have solid results.

TV or Projector

While the new TVs are getting larger (Sony has a 100″) there still is no comparison when you get into the larger screens.  A JVC or Sony projector will create an amazing image on screens up to 200″


So many options… In-wall, In-Ceiling, Floor Standing, etc.  We can assist with this decision.  Budgets and options are plentiful.


You need one, two, or eight.  Lots of options here, we can help decide and place the subwoofers in the correct location.

Source Gear

Should I stream, use disc?   Maybe hard drive storage for all your movies.  We have options for these.