Consulting Services


Audio-Video, Home Theater, and Low Voltage Consulting for your Home or Business.

Our consulting services can assist you in eliminating costly mistakes and guide you in the correct direction by coordinating the architect, builder, and subcontractors to do the best possible job with your project. This is accomplished by laying the groundwork before the project begins and getting all parties involved to work as part of a professional team.

Theater Design and Installation can be a daunting task – request a free quote!

How We Help is Simple: We Bring Value to Your Project & Provide the Following Consulting Services.

  • Specifying structural detail for dedicated theater or listening rooms
  • Optimize room size for the optimum support of speaker placement for low-frequency support.
  • Specify acoustic treatments (some of which we build).
  • Detail the room’s architectural features including carpet, lighting paint, etc.
  • Assist in the home’s equipment location (e.g. placement, cooling, and power requirements.
  • Work with you and the Audio Video Company in speaker and equipment selections.
  • Calculate screen size and display method (e.g. projection, plasma, LCD, LED, 3d. etc.
  • Coordinate the installation of the above elements.
  • Site visits with the homeowner builder and subcontractors throughout the project.

Complete “Turn-Key Private Theaters”

While a home theater is becoming more commonplace; it is not on the top of the list for most architects and homebuilders. If you find you want a home theater and do not want to invest the time to interview/hire the people involved to create this space we have a solution for you… please call to see our Design | Build or Theater packages.

Real Estate Solutions

We specialize in the documentation and valuation of existing residential Audio Video Systems. What is the service and why would I need it? Here is a scenario.

Recently we were called into a large home that had a very integrated and complex home audio system. In fact, the system was so complex that real estate agents could not control some of the best features of the home. Since the home was no longer occupied and it was not clear who initially installed the system we were hired to document the equipment installed, show the real estate agents how everything operated, and give a value of the cost of the system. Our outcome not only helped the agents show the various technologies of the home but also helped increase the sale price of the home.

Theater Design company specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects with low overhead and high attention to detail we are generally the best fit for discerning customers who want the ultimate in audio and video performance.   We also love to take on difficult and challenging projects and are able to offer unique solutions.  Our private showroom displays the newest technology and highlights many key products we provide.  Feel free to contact us for a private showing or take a look at our extensive youtube videos for further information.